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Notice of grinding machine

Source: Zhejiang burley Tools Co., Ltd.Publication time:2017-09-18

(1) when using the machine, please plug in the power supply. It is strictly forbidden to operate the electric appliance under the condition of wet, wet or other water. (friendship tip: it is recommended to use a socket with a safety switch)

(two) when sanding relatively hard wall putty, please use coarse mesh sand paper (optional P120/180 model), speed switch select 3 or 2 gear.

(three) when sanding relatively soft wall putty, please choose the detailed number of sandpaper (optional P320/400 model), speed switch select 4 or 5 files.

(four) when grinding the exterior wall, the hard disc should be replaced, and the outer wall special sand paper shall be used. The speed shall not exceed 3.

(five) when grinding, it is strictly prohibited to grind the millstone onto the wall for grinding, otherwise it will cause the rotating system to fail or damage (this is not within the warranty).

(six) do not use sanding machine in case of no vacuum cleaner, otherwise it will damage the motor. (this situation is not covered by warranty).

(seven) no stampede lead, beat motor, is strictly prohibited in the inflammable and explosive places under operation. (if you do not follow the instructions, trample or beat machine caused by man-made factors such as machine damage, not in the warranty period).

(eight) pay attention to check whether the motors are in good condition and whether the airflow is smooth. Assembly and disassembly should ensure that the power has been disconnected, so as not to cause damage.

(nine) pay attention to check whether the operation plate and operation cover are on the same level, otherwise the operation effect will be affected.

(ten) cleaning dust in the vacuum cleaner in time and too much dust, which will affect the dust absorption effect.

(eleven) 220V voltage is used in sander / vacuum cleaner. Please check before use. Do not use when the voltage is too high or too high. If it is not used according to the instructions, it will cause damage to the motor and not within the warranty period.

(twelve) it is forbidden to turn on the power supply when the sand mill is in the free state. The sand mill can be used to turn on the power supply.

(thirteen) when the machine is idle, it should be stored in places where it is dry and difficult for children to touch.